Rustic Fences in Cedar Lake

60 years on and still family-owned, Rustic Fences offers a wealth of experience and knowledge in order to deliver the best fences to Cedar Lake and the surrounding area. We offer our customers the highest quality materials and final products, and continue to serve up the best in fence design and installation. Read more about our options below, and call today for a free estimate!

Aluminum and Ornamental Steel Fences in Cedar Lake

Our aluminum and steel fences come in a wide range of heights to meet any of your fencing or gating needs. Provide security without sacrificing any aesthetic quality, and experience the comfort that comes with a 20-year warranty.

Wood Fences in Cedar Lake

Our wood fences come in many different finishes, with a color set to compliment any Cedar Lake home. Customize the accents to your liking, whether that’s arches, scallops, dog ears, or one of several others. Our staff can erect the fence for you, or you can choose to install it yourself. No matter how our wood fences get put up, they stay upright and looking beautiful through even the coldest and snowiest of Chicago winters.

Tongue & Groove Traditional Vinyl Privacy

Vinyl Fences in Cedar Lake

Also making up a great fencing option for any home are our vinyl fences. Coming in several heights and colors, these fences offer a maintenance-free option to enclose any yard. Call today and we will get to work designing the perfect fence for your yard.

Proudly Serving The Cedar Lake Area

Work with a company that has years of experience crafting Chicagoland's best wood fences.